Mitten Vinyl Cladding in vertical profile is used for walls, gables and under eaves (soffit). Because it never needs painting, Mitten Vinyl vertical cladding is particularly suited for ‘hard to maintain’ areas, such as high roof gables, second storey additions and infills. Vertical cladding is also used for ceiling linings under porches and verandahs. Read more about Eaves.


  • Lightweight construction makes it easy to work with at height

  • Long lifespan and reduced maintenance on ‘hard to reach’ areas

  • Clad under eaves to eliminate the need to paint or maintain – suitable for square or mitred corner finish

  • Vented panels available for eaves and underfloor area

  • Superior wind resistance for high and inaccessible areas

  • Lifetime Warranty – adds peace of mind

  • Lightly textured brush finish in a range of 10 colours

  • Install on gable ends for contrasting finish

  • 254mm wide double profile and 3.66metre length

  • Suitable for vertical installation on walls for a striking modern look


Complete your home with a cladding system that is economical, will not rot and never needs to be painted. Contact us for more information.

Please Note: Colour sample shown will vary on different monitors. Please contact us for colour samples to be sent.